Complete List of Things I Hate About Backpacking

1. Aussie Guys
2. No Toilet Paper
3. Where are the Hot Girls?
4. Nobody Gives a S***
5. Available Multinationals
6. Getting Pickpocketed
7. Pretending to be “Into Photography”
8. The Lonely Planet
9. Lost (unsaved) e-mails
10. Anti-Americanism
11. Sightseeing
12. Tattoos About the Place
13. Vegetarians
14. White sunglasses
15. Dormitories
16. iPod Thieves
17. Long Distance Relationships (LDRs)
18. Playing Guitar
19. Coming Home with a Lame Accent
20. Getting “wubes”
21. Female Backpacker Type A
22. Scooter accidents
23. National Holidays Abroad
24. Bargaining
25. Crazy Israeli Guys
26. The Light Skin Paradox
27. One-uppers
28. Rich kids pretending to be poor
29. The Local Hustler
30. Female Backpacker Type B
31. Traveler’s Diarrhea
32. Poorly Bootlegged/Pirated Movies
33. The Need to Masturbate
34. ‘Departures’
35. Budget Airlines
36. Sewing on a flag from every country
37. Passport/Visa Stress
38. Teaching English Overseas
39. Lost in Translation
40. Beach Games
41. Not knowing a thing about soccer

42. Facebook

43. Reading the book about the place
44. Finishing school/Quitting your job
45. Bedbugs

46. Rolling Solo
47. Missing Sports
48. Party Hostels… with your parents
49. Photos with Local Children
50. Reverse Culture Shock

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