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3. Where are the Hot Girls?

dreadsNot backpacking, that’s where. It’s a known fact that hot chicks don’t rough it. Granted, there are exceptions to every rule, but make no mistake: The vast majority of good-looking women will refuse to strap on a massive rucksack and throw caution to the wind. The ladies you meet on the backpacking circuit are of two predominant types - more on that later.

So why don’t the hotties pull a Sir Edmund Hillary? Come on. Think about it. The prospect of spending months overseas, on a tight budget, sleeping on shoddy trains, ferries, buses and dorm bunks, washing sparingly, shaving legs and armpits rarely, abandoning make-up, hairspray and nailpolish, trading designer handbag (or clutch) in for cumbersome moneybelt and being away from Facebook for inordinate periods of time simply doesn’t appeal to sexy bitches. Oh and I forgot to mention getting hit on FULL TIME by a constant lineup of desperate, broke, smelly dudes. And getting harassed by local pervs at every turn, who, in some countries, will go so far as to masturbate as you walk by in your bikini. Happy trails.

That’s bullshit, you say. There are plenty of babes out there backpacking. Yeah, there are. With their boyfriends.

Hot chicks travel with luggage. Rolling luggage. They drop the S out of the word “hostel.” They take cabs, not rickshaws. They don’t like being away from essential amenities and services, namely Starbucks (although it’s basically integrated with backpacker culture nowadays; see 5. Multinationals), a 12-lb. make-up crate, a blowdryer and hair straightener, and real-time gossip technology. They prefer rich, well-dressed, groomed men. They choose luxury over practicality seven days a week and twice on Sunday. Most of them pretend to care about world issues, politics and poverty, but they really don’t give a shit. They do, however, know everything about The Hills.

Yet some exceptions do exist. Consider women in the military or lady cops. Not a lot of hot ones. It takes a certain mental constitution to really get dirt under the fingernails, to tear the meat off the bone of traveling. Backpacking is like farting. It’s raw, curious, savage and, at times, inhumane. It’s generally more of a guys’ thing.

Indeed, some hot chicks are adventurous. Some will brave the aforementioned perils (and let go of their familiar comforts), without a b.f. in tow, to try something new. And that something new is Europe (see Star Picks Backpacking Over Work or Taken). Or Australia. The developing world? Sure, but preferably with a girlfriend or two… and expect tension if not a mid-trip parting of ways. Yeah right, a smokin’ hot broad rolling solo in the developing world. Now, you’re really pushing it.

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3 Responses to “3. Where are the Hot Girls?”

  1. mike says:

    Wanna comment, but the wife will destroy me.

  2. isabelle - ETA says:

    Hey Allan !

    What the Fuck ! I am pretty !!! Thanks to remember me, in Bali, in Bangkok, and even at Angkor !!!

    Sans rancune, chéri,

    j’adooooore ton blog, il est génial, très bien écrit, divertissant. À ton image.

    Si jamais tu passes par Montreal, call me honey,



    et si jamais tu as maintenant un Facebook, rajoute-moi !!!!!!!

    isabelle morrissette


  3. Poon says:

    Salut ETAA!! Faut savoir qu’il y a toujours des exceptions aux stéréotypes! Ne t’en fais pas, haha. Merci d’avoir visité mon blog, chu content que tu l’aimes. Absolument, on devrait se rattraper à Montréal lors de ma prochaine visite. Ma fiancée et moi viendrons bientôt. Je te tiens au courant… Bis, Allan P.S. - Voyons donc! Je ne m’inscrirai jamais à Facebook!!!

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