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Roberto Rocha with all his gear.

Roberto Rocha with all his gear.

Canadian traveler Roberto Rocha put together a sound list of things to bring and not to bring on a long backpacking trip. “No room for dead weight,” he writes. “Lose the long pants and travel gadgets, but hang onto the camera and Swiss Army knife.”

I concur: I’m all about the camera and Swiss Army knife. Laptop, however? Not so much. I never backpack with a laptop; I opt for Internet cafes (see 9. Lost e-mails).

What to pack: Thai fisherman’s pants, shirts made of light material, travel-size toiletries, three must-haves (Swiss Army knife, camera and MacBook).

What to ditch: long pants, towel (they come with rooms everywhere), travel gadgets (e.g. flexible silicon bowls, foldable water bottle, waterproof wallet bag).

Oh, and like me (see 16. iPod Thieves), Roberto’s had his iPod stolen. Go figure.

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