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Backpacking in the News

Link to article: 10 Stereotypical Backpacker Nationalities


Only a Canuck would suntan with the tube socks on.

This article was originally posted on by Amy Heading back in July 2009.

I got a kick out of a comment posted on Heading’s article by Beachcombers (05 March 2010): “Not to sure about the Israeli backpacker description. Friendly was not the first thing that leaped to mind. Aggressive, arrogant, rude, nihilistic perhaps….But Israeli chicks are super hot!”

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  1. Hey - I just found your site and it deals with a lot of the same issues I write about. Check out my blog I also write fiction that deals almost exclusively with the backpacker scene. It’s good to know there’s an audience out there for this.

    Nice work.

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